Spirit Week

Brewer Spirit Banner

“Every noble work is at first impossible.”

-Thomas Carlyle

Good Day from Stamping Peace!  The temperatures may be cooling down here in Maine, but our school spirit is warming up!  Recently, for Spirit Week, I went to visit Joseph’s special education class and we made this banner to decorate the hall.  The kids had the most wonderful time.  I hadn’t met the students (Joseph has been homeschooled for the past two years) and didn’t know what kinds of challenges they live with, so I had no idea how the project would go over.  It was a huge hit!  I traced a pennant from Stampin’ Up!’s banner kit for each student, and then cut out slightly larger ones in orange and black, the school colors.  They had to cut one out from a paper bag for the base of each pennant, and although it isn’t visible in the photo, they stamped little witches (the school mascot) all over the base pieces.   They then used the stencils in the kit to daub stripes, circles or chevrons.  They had a choice of orange or black ink, but some got creative and used both colors!   We used Stampin’ Up!’s sponge daubers and those were a hit as well.  After stringing the pennants together, we added black and orange ribbons between each one.  As soon as we were finished, the maintenance workers came to the classroom and hung the banner in the hall while the class watched.  They were very pleased with their work, and I was invited back.  Smiles all around.  : )

Thank you for the blog visit!  Leave a comment and you will be entered into our drawing for some “blog candy” (Stampin’ Up! product) on All Hallow’s Eve.

Have a great week-end everyone.  Hope you have some time to stamp!


P.S.  Thank you to my friend Lori for taking this picture for us.  I forgot my camera that day!


8 thoughts on “Spirit Week

    • Hi Nancy. I didn’t use the oilcloth pennants in the banner kit, but they are nice!
      I’m going back to the class next week to do a Halloween project. Now I just have to figure out what to do. : )

  1. What a great project for the kids. I think all kids love art and now they have something they can all share. Great idea.

  2. Watch out, they may be hiring you to decorate the whole school! Very festive and what a great project for Joseph and his classmates.

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