Halloween Happiness

Halloween Cards 004

“October gave a party, the leaves by hundreds came – the chestnuts, oaks, and maples – their costumes all aflame.

Miss Weather led the dancing, Professor Wind the Band, The Guests were all aflutter, and danced off hand in hand.”

-George Cooper

Good Day from Stamping Peace!  October is almost over, but we are still enjoying her riches of the beautiful falling leaves and fat pumpkins everywhere.   And enjoying all the beautiful cards that she inspires.  This card is a very simple one, but sweet.  I googled “Halloween Happiness” Stamp Set and this is one of the cards that came up on www.stressfreestamping.blogspot.com   I used pumpkin pie, Cajun craze and garden green markers, used the piercing tool to “frame” the image (which doesn’t show up very well in the photo), and embellished it with some of the Halloween and Christmas washi tape.  Very basic, but I wanted the card to double as an anniversary card for my friend and “adopted daughter” Sue.   Many years ago now, she and I went up north to visit a priest friend.  He introduced us to the congregation as Sue, his “mother”, and Dawn, his “grandmother”.   I am a few years younger than Sue, but he was spoofing my gray hair.  Ever since that day, Sue has been my “daughter”.   Thanks Father, she’s a great daughter!  : )

I’ve been trying to add props to my photos ( I am not a very good photographer, but I’m giving it the ‘ol Boy Scout try!) and today’s props are some of the about 30 gourds that grew out of our compost pile.    A little bonus gift from Mother Nature this year!  : )   The pictures look a lot better when they are uploaded full-screen, they seem to lose something when they are shrunk down, but I’ll work on it.

A warm welcome to Brenda in Indiana, a new Stamping Peace blog follower.  We’re very happy to have you with us Brenda!

Wrapping paper 001

I took this photo yesterday, right after a little hailstorm.   Most of the leaves have danced off, but we have a tiny bit of color left!  (But a lot more than up north, where we got four inches of snow yesterday!)

Just two more days to leave a comment and have your name placed in a drawing for some blog candy on All Hallow’s Eve.  Looking forward to hearing from you!

Stamping Peace,



2 thoughts on “Halloween Happiness

  1. Thanks for the warm welcome. Your card looks so cute nestled in with the pumpkins, Great back yard! We planted gourds one year and they took over our whole back yard! Thanks for the link to another Indiana stamper. I love seeing new blogs and meeting new people.

  2. Isn’t that funny that you got connected to another Indiana stamper via Maine! : ) We do have a great back yard. We have amazing gardens that aren’t in the picture. My oldest son owns a landscaping company, and has done a lot for us. I feel very blessed! : )

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