Happy New Year from Stamping Peace

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“Begin: To have commenced is half the deed.  Half yet remains; begin again on this and thou wilt finish all.”


Happy New Year from Stamping Peace.  This post isn’t about stamping, it is about our son Joseph who was born with Down’s Syndrome.   For the past six years, Joseph has been a cross bearer at church and is known as “Boss of the Cross.”  : )   Last night, because the other two servers didn’t show up, he did it all…the Cross, the Book and the Credence Table.   It was one of my proudest “mother moments.”  Even when he was told to bring the cross down for the offertory, he knew it wasn’t time, and went to set up the altar.  My heart was overflowing as I watched him lay out everything on the altar and step up to hold the Book (he’s never been shown how to do these things, but apparently he has been watching.)  After Mass the Sacristan said “He can do it!  He just does things a little slower than the others.”  My wishes for 2014 are for Joseph…that we all do things a littler slower and that we all give people with disabilities opportunities to shine.   Happy New Year friends!  : )


10 thoughts on “Happy New Year from Stamping Peace

  1. What a sweet and uplifting post. Good for him. Sometimes we don’t know what people can do until we let them try. Bravo.

    • Yes, you are right Brenda. My husband helps train all the altar servers at our church, but he’s never trained Joseph on anything but the cross because he didn’t have the faith that Joseph could do the harder jobs. Yay Joseph! He told Tim that next time he had to go sit in the choir (Tim was sitting on the altar just in case Joseph needed help). He’s a funny little guy! : )

  2. I am so proud of Joseph…and so sad that I missed it. I am sitting here with happy tears…he is truly an inspiration for all of us.

    • It was incredible Sue. I was holding my breath, not being sure if he would know what to do, but he knew it all! I couldn’t stop smiling, I was so proud of him. Same thing happened on his birthday when he read out loud the birthday card Josh gave him. Both sides of the family were here and everyone’s mouths were dropping open because they never hear him read but he’s very good at it! : )

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