Step it up a notch!

Valentine Kit 002

“Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.”

-Abraham Lincoln

Good Morning…hope you had a great week-end!  If you saw our post on Friday, you saw these cute little monster Valentine’s that are made from a Stampin’ Up! kit.  We stepped it up a notch by adding a little card to the monster’s feet (a Brian King design).  A coordinating envelope made with the Envelope Punch Board and someone is going to receive a little piece of happy.  : )

Quick story…we stayed at Maine Maritime Academy Friday night with the Boy Scouts…250 men and boys, and me…did I ever feel safe!  (Actually, I did see two other women at one point.)  Everyone was bunked down in the field house with sleeping bags.  The lights went out at 10:00 p.m.  On went all the boys flashlights and a lot of chatter for about 30 mins.  It got quiet and then one troop started singing “Silent Night” very quietly.  At the end of the song, all of the other boys burst out in a quiet applause.  Then there was total silence and they all went to sleep.  It was the most incredible thing.  I kept thinking what an amazing group of good men and boys were gathered there.  Yay, Scouting!!!

Have a great day,



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