Happy Birthday Joshua!

Happy Birthday Joshua! 031

“You seem to be an intelligent fellow, Josh.”

-Joseph Girzone from Joshua, A Parable for Today

Happy Birthday Josh!  Twenty four years ago today I had a baby.  : )   When he was 16 wks. in utero, I had an AFP test that indicated a problem.  An ultrasound discovered that his bladder was ten times the size of his head and arms and legs couldn’t be seen.  Our doctor advised abortion.  We went to a neonatal specialist from Brown University and he also recommended abortion.  He said the baby would either die before birth or within four days of birth from renal failure.  The baby had a blockage in his bladder, had drunk all the amniotic fluid (which is normal) and it couldn’t get out.  I came home from that appointment and sat on our cellar stairs and cried while Tim was giving Jonathan a bath.  As I sat there, it came to me that the baby’s name was Joshua.  I went and got the baby name book and looked it up.  Joshua means “God saves.”  I went into the bathroom and told Tim that the baby’s name was Joshua.  When Josh was born, on a Superbowl Sunday, he was 5 1/2 weeks early, but weighed 6 lbs.  He was born with Prune Belly Syndrome, which meant no stomach muscles and a bladder that didn’t work.   A medical team was flown up from Boston, they took him by helicopter and two days later he had double ureterostomies (two holes in his stomach for urine to flow out of).  At age 5 he had the holes closed and had a stoma in his bellybutton, through which I catheterized him every two hours around the clock for 9 months.  After that, his bladder worked!  : )  At age 9 he had a kidney transplant because when he was in utero and had drunk all the amniotic fluid, it had backed up through his ureters and damaged his kidneys.  But today, at age 24, he is healthy, working full time and has a lovely girlfriend.  Yay, Josh!  : )  That is him, in the picture above, on a beautiful scrapbook page that I made at my friend Beth’s stamping event last week-end.  We used the Festive Flurry Stamps and the Let it Snow stamp from the “Best Of” series of stamps.  Thanks, Beth, for the gorgeous project, and again, Happy Birthday Josh!

Stamping Peace,



14 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Joshua!

  1. Oh Dawn even thou you’ve told me this story- it still brought tears to my eyes and made me aware once more , “how great thou art” ……….
    Happy “Birth”day to you and Tim and Joshua 🙂

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