Joseph’s Class Made Valentine’s This Morning!

IMG_20140213_091537_917 (1)

“If we judge people, we have no time to love them.”

~Mother Teresa


Hi Nicki’s Class!  I had fun making Valentine cards with you this morning.  Everyone was so creative, and as always, so patient in sharing the tools, so attentive with  listening skills, so helpful by encouraging one another and very respectful when using the supplies.   It is such a pleasure to come and spend time with you.  Thank you for having me.  Have fun giving away your special homemade Valentine Card!

Have a Happy St. Valentine’s Day tomorrow and enjoy the big snowstorm!  I’ll see you next month.

Love, Mrs. MacKay


One thought on “Joseph’s Class Made Valentine’s This Morning!

  1. Thank you, Dawn, for spending some of your valuable time with our class. We ALL love having you come in! And your patience with all of us helps encourage us to be confident enough to show our own level of creativity! We look forward to your visit next month.

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