Which one looks better?

Get Well Cards 001

“If you’re going through hell, keep going.”

~Winston Churchill

Good Morning and Welcome to Stamping Peace.  We needed another “gentleman’s card” today… for our friend Andy who had a skiing accident out in Utah and is having knee surgery today in California.  What do you think looks better?  The plain white tag, or the tag printed on the Fresh Prints Designer Series Paper?

Get Well Cards 002

I love those candy dots, but they come in sets of ten and I always use them three at a time.  That leaves an extra one, which is how this little red one found it’s way onto this card.  Finally, a home!  The color red is supposed to raise spirits (and make us hungry), so this one’s for you Andy.  We hope Miss Pat feeds you well as you recover.  : )

Well, I’m feeling on top of the world this morning.  Yesterday I received not one, but two e-mails from THE Rising Star, Brian King, down in Atlanta.  He’s one of the “rich and famous” in the stamping world.  Thanks for putting a big smile in my heart Brian!   If you haven’t discovered Brian’s blog yet, it’s very entertaining.  : )

Stamping Peace,



22 thoughts on “Which one looks better?

  1. Dawn – I vote for Number One because it’s so clean. I love the pattern in Number Two, but it makes my eyes work too hard to take it all in. Maybe a Number Three could be Number Two stamped in red? Thanks for the shout out, Dawn.

    • Brian King on my blog…Baaaahhhhh! My fingers are doing the happy dance on the keyboard! Welcome to Stamping Peace Brian! Thank you for the advice…I know you’re the pro on gentlemen’s cards…I saw your board at convention last summer! : ) I’ll have to work on a Number Three.

  2. Both cards are good “man” cards. I like the first one best. I’m a plain and simple gal. Hope your friend’s knee surgery goes well.

  3. You got me there, Dawn! Yesterday it was a cylinder head and exhaust manifold; today a driveshaft and some U-bolts. Gets me away from the desk!

  4. Hi Dawn,
    It’s Pat, I know Andy will appreciate any of your beautiful cards, as he knows the love
    and time it takes to make one. I vote for one as it is clean cut. Thx for thinking of him – we always love your creativity. ♥ Pat

    • Hi Pat! I think I’m scrapping that card. I made another yellow and black one to remind him of our summer in Cape Cod when the boys dressed up as bees, but I’m still iffy on that one too. We’ll see what ends up in the mail to him! (You are getting pretty saavy on the computer…commenting on a blog!) : )

  5. I like the first one too, but if you try Brian’s suggestion of stamping with red on the DSP I bet the “Get Well” would really pop!!

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