Little Get Well Cards : )

Get Well Cards 005

Throughout history, “tender loving care” has uniformly been recognized as a valuable element in healing.”

~Larry Dossey

Sending peace on this snowy morning!  Peace that is bursting with excitement because THE Brian King, Stampin’ Up! Rising Star down in Atlanta commented on our blog way up here in Maine yesterday.   Thank you for the visit Brian…I’m so happy to know you through the great family that is created in the stamping world.  And thank you for the perfect advice.  I stamped the sentiment in red as you suggested and the card was sweet, but with all the red it looked like it should be saved for a December card.  So the little red candy dot is orphaned again.  : )  I switched to a Soft Suede Ribbon and it gives the card a “Western” look…which is where the card is headed…out West to our friend Andy, who called us from the car on the way home from his surgery yesterday.  All is well…he’ll get lots of tender loving care from Miss Pat! (his wife).

When I was having such problems with his card yesterday, I decided to switch gears and I went to black and yellow to remind Andy of a fun family adventure we had one year.  His family used to come to Maine every two years and our families would take a vacation together.  One year we went to Cape Cod and entered a small town Fourth of July parade.  The boys all made bee costumes and Joseph made a sign that said “Save the Bees.”  We went to a dollar store and found yellow t-shirts that the boys painted black stripes on.  We found black knee socks.  We found plastic headbands that the boys attached pipe cleaners with ping pong balls to for “antennas.”  We found large tea strainers (the balls) that the boys took apart and made “eyeglass” bug eyes.   It was so cute.  It’s amazing what can be found at a dollar store!

Lastly, I made yet another get well card yesterday for my Aunt Maggie, who is the hospital fighting for life on a ventilator.  I was so close to her growing up…she even took me for my driving test almost forty years ago.  I finally broke down and got some of the stretchy ruffled ribbon and isn’t it cute!  I don’t think it would work for a “man card” though, would it?  Stamping peace, Dawn

Get Well Cards 006


5 thoughts on “Little Get Well Cards : )

  1. Anyone of these beautiful cards are sure to cheer up someone feeling “under the weather”! You have really mastered so many different designs of 3″x3″ cards!

      • If the weather holds, which is suppose to be good, I hope to come. At Maurry’s appt. yesterday with the surgeon we found out it should be 6 MORE weeks before he can start twisting and bending. He can now put full weight on the hip. He still tires easily. Will keep you posted if plans change.

  2. Sending get well wishes and puppy dog kisses to your aunt and friend…hope they both recover quickly. Love all of the cards…and the yellow one is very Springy!!

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