The Boston Flower Show

Boston Garden Show 038

“Hopefully while so many people are out smelling the flowers, someone is taking the time to plant some.”

~Herbert Rappaport

We did make cards this week-end (with the Girl Scouts) but Saturday Jonathan and I went on our annual Mother/Son trip to the Boston Garden Show.  We left home in a snowstorm…

Boston Garden Show 006

But things were looking up after a Starbucks and water detour at the rest stop in Gardiner (and a peek into The Maine Center for Crafts shop.  : )

Boston Garden Show 009

And then lunch at Stonewall Kitchen (the “mother store”) in York.  : )

Boston Garden Show 015

By the time we arrived in Boston, it was sunny and 57 degrees…

Boston Garden Show 020And there were flowers everywhere…even in the baskets of  bicycles!  : )


Boston Garden Show 045

Even the trees were flowering!  (This is a fringe tree…Jonathan has used them in a couple of landscaping jobs and they are beautiful.)

Boston Garden Show 046

The theme of this years show was “Romance in the Garden” and there were a lot of roses, and some rose trees!

Boston Garden Show 025

There were even doves of peace flying around!

 My favorite display was not a landscapers exhibit, but a mason/sculptor named Joe Gray.  His “Mary and Joseph” statue (actually Natives, but when I mentioned that they reminded me of Mary and Joseph he said that was what a lot of people were telling him), cranes and eagle benches were so beautifully hand crafted, and he was such a kind man.  When we asked where he got his tulips (knowing he wasn’t a landscaper), he got out his phone and showed us the nursery and exactly how to get there on our way home.  We did stop there, and then we made our annual trip to Williams and Sonoma and the Pottery Barn at the Portland Mall, and then for supper…Pad Thai at a little hole in the wall place (Saeng Thai I think it’s called) we go to on Congress Street.  What a truly wonderful day we had!  Peace and Flowers, Dawn

Boston Garden Show 038



8 thoughts on “The Boston Flower Show

  1. What a wonderful day with ur son Dawn!!! It’s great to have special time together even/especially as they get older !! I think in leaving the first day of spring!!!—isn’t that perfect!! Think sunny days & gentle summer evening rains!!!
    Fondly, lorraine

  2. What a great day you had. Your pictures are wonderful. I’m looking forward to some sun soon. Thank God we get one sunny day in the middle of four-five very cloudy days; but you know what . . . I’m sunny on the inside. 🙂

  3. Wow, you had a great trip. I love the statue and the fringe tree. I’ve never seen one of those before. Dawn, you are so pretty and your son so handsome! It’s nice to see you “in person”. Glad you had such a fun day with your son.

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