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Boy Scout Cards 001Simply Celebrate Stamp Set 001

“Sometimes I laugh so hard the tears run down my leg.”


That quote sums up our stamping life!  Like last night when I was setting up to stamp with our Boy Scout Troop (Crusaders Patrol).  Our new Scout looked at the Big Shot and said “what are we going to do with that bench press?”  : )  Each boy in our patrol has a prayer partner at our local assisted living center, and once a month they make a card for them. (They also pray for them every week at our meetings.)  They made the same cards that the Girl Scouts made with me on Sunday, but they preferred the striped side of the paper instead of the polka dots.  : )  Shifting gears here, it’s time for some Blog Candy!  This month I am celebrating my one year anniversary as a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator and a small business owner of “Stamping Peace” and I’d like to celebrate by giving away the “Simply Celebrate” Stamp Set shown above.   I’ll put all the names of blog commenters, fellow stampers from all of our classes and Stamping Peace Team Members into a basket and draw one name.  (I wish I could afford to give one to every one of you.)  Maybe that will be possible some day, who knows?  God is good.  : )  On another note, it’s said that friends double our joy and divide our sorrow, so let me double my joy by telling you that when I opened my e-mail this morning, there was a little note from Patty Bennett!  (she’s a BIG name in the stamping world.)  That was veerrry exciting!  : )  I also had an e-mail that had a funny old-fashioned cartoon that said “Nice winter we’re having this spring.”  Baaaah!!!  Enjoy the snow that’s coming tomorrow and have a stamping good week-end. Peace and Celebration, Dawn

P.S.  This is WAY off subject, but this is my 9th day of drinking half my body weight in ounces of water a day, as well as putting coconut oil on my skin every day.   I HIGHLY recommend it!  My skin is still detoxing (stuff coming out like…dust particles, uric acid crystals, salt bumps under my eyes) and all my wrinkles are going away, the cellulite on my legs is gone, my feet are soft for the first time in my adult life, I have TONS of energy and I just want to eat healthy.  Water and coconut oil…who would have thought!  (for more great health tips go to and download the free Crazy Sexy Manifesto.)  Treat The Body!  : )



6 thoughts on “Blog Candy : )

  1. Dawn, I love how you are showing your scouts how to give back! That is so important in our world today. I’m the Wolf leader in our pack and I might need to borrow this idea. ; ) Your stamp set giveaway is on my wish list, so thanks for a chance to win!

    • Hi Kelly. Welcome to Stamping Peace! We’ve been connected with the Seniors for four years now. They love the prayers and the monthly cards, and I take the boys for a visit at Christmas and we have our Court of Honors right at the Assisted Living Center so the prayer partners can share in the boys Scouting journey. : )

  2. Bench press…LOL…you are having way too much fun!! Love it!! It is great that these scouts are helping to make our seniors a little more comfortable and I am sure both groups look forward to their visits.

  3. I have that funny saying about tears running down your legs on a STAMP! Love it! Just bought coconut oil for the first time, you’ve inspired me to start using it~ Thank you! And thanks for the inspiration I always find in your blog for stamping and for life!
    No need to pick me for the blog candy, I have it! =)

    • Now that’s a great stamp! : ) Be a water warrior with us Joanne…6 oz. every hour on the hour. I’ve never had so much energy…I’ve been tired ever since I’ve had children (26 years…and now I find out it was because my body wasn’t hydrated!)

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