Blog Candy Winner!

WAter 003

“Good Times Never Seemed So Good.”

~Neil Diamond (from Sweet Caroline song)

Today I’m celebrating one year as a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator with my daily half gallon of water with mixed fruit in it!  : )  I want you to celebrate with me too, so I  have put all the names of those who comment on our blog and all those who attend stamping classes at my home into the running for some blog candy…the Simply Celebrate Stamp Set.  Let me pick a name….

                                                           LORRAINE S. of Orrington, Maine

Baaaahhhhh!  This is so funny… I chose the name as I’m typing this and I had already posted the berry water picture.  Lorraine is the one that I originally saw do this about a year and a half ago.  It took me awhile to catch on to the practice, but now that it’s ingrained, I don’t see me ever going back to not drinking water.  Congratulations on winning the blog candy Lorraine, and I’m so glad you’re back in Maine so we can stamp together again!  : )

Simply Celebrate Stamp Set 001

As a gift to myself to celebrate my first anniversary as a demonstrator and as a small business owner, I got a subscription to Food Matters TV today.  I spoke about it last week on the blog.  It’s amazing…over three hundred documentaries and videos about health matters, along with recipes and all kinds of different things.  I just watched an interview with Dr. Joseph Mercola that was excellent, and then I watched one of David Wolfe’s “cooking videos” that showed how to make a chai tea for adrenal health.  Everything can be watched on computer or tv (but I’m not sure how the tv part works because we don’t have cable and I would imagine that is probably necessary) and it’s awesome!  (  I will try to mention a few things here and there as I learn them (like drinking half our body weight in ounces of water a day…) With peace and celebration and wellness, Dawn



8 thoughts on “Blog Candy Winner!

  1. Hi Dawn! I’m drinking more water daily, although not as much as half my body weight yet and just went over to foodmatters tv and watched a 40 minute video. Thanks so much for posting this valuable information for us all! I’m just amazed, curious, and hoping to get myself and my family super healthy. I’ve learned a ton just by finding your blog recently. Thank you for sharing!

    Lorraine, congrats!!

  2. Congratulations and Happy ONE YEAR Anniversary! Keep up the GREAT work. (I’m trying to drink more water…I’m actually up to 14 oz a day, BIG IMPROVEMENT for me. You got into my brain about this one.) 🙂

    • Thanks Nancy! I drank the water plain for two weeks (like a woman in the desert…I can’t believe how dehydrated I was…I drink a lot of tea but I was only getting half my optimal daily fluid intake) but now I’m flavoring it with fruit…oranges or lemons or limes or rasberries or strawberries or blueberries or mixed fruit or mango…we can even use cucumbers (which I haven’t tried yet but might be nice in the summer…it snowed again here last night!)

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