Joseph is a First Class Scout!

Boy Scout Court of Honor 007

“A Scout is friendly.”

~from the Scout Law

This is the Assisted Living Center that I volunteer at every week.  Last week we brought our Boy Scout Patrol over for a Court of Honor.  All three boys advanced in rank and Joseph (in the red vest) is now a First Class Scout.  Way to go Joseph!!!  : )  After the boys were presented with their advancements, they each made a speech about their experiences in Scouting.  Then they each gave their prayer partner a small gift.  (Each Scout has a prayer partner at the Assisted Living Center).  Following that, one of our Scouts, who is extremely talented on the piano, played several songs and then hubby (on the left) led us in singing “Sweet Caroline.”  It was such a fun evening…the elders loved it.  The boys each made their prayer partners a card, as well, which I had posted on the blog a couple of weeks ago.  With Peace and the Scout Spirit, Dawn  : )  P.S.  I was setting up for the Garden Show again today…from 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. … all the displays are amazing…hope you can come down to the Cross Center this week-end!


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