Jonathan Won First Place!!!

Bangor Garden Show 001

“Hide not your talents.  They for use were made.  What’s a sundial in the shade?”

~Ben Franklin

I’m not sure if you can read the sign in the picture, but it says “First Place.”  Jonathan’s Summersweet Landscaping Company won first place in the Garden Show!!!  He was also honored to receive the award for “Best Hardscape.”  I’m so happy for him and so thankful for all the people that helped out this week…Tim, Joseph, Mark, Maria, Kyle, Moe, Papa, Josh and Mary Jane.

Bangor Garden Show 004 This is looking from the back of the display in towards the fire pit.  I’ve got to take some better pictures!  (There are a few more pictures on yesterday’s post).

Bangor Garden Show 002

Hope you can come by and visit with us tomorrow 10:00-6:00 or Sunday 10-4:00 p.m. at the new Cross Center.

Peace and Gardening,  Dawn


7 thoughts on “Jonathan Won First Place!!!

  1. Congratulations!!! Beautiful place to kick back and relax! Especially when the weather warms and Jonathan moves it to your backyard!

    • I wish, Beth!!! Granville told him he can keep all the stone, so I think he may built the patio and fire pit in his backyard. (I bought the patio set, so that’s coming to my house!) : )

  2. Hip, hip hooray!!! Good for him and all of you that helped him. It is a gorgeous place to relax. Wish he was closer. I could sure use some advice. I can’t even get grass to grow in places in the back yard. The one plant I got to grow hubby ran over with the lawn mower many years ago. He thought it was a weed. I have an inky thumb not a green one. Tell him congratulations.

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