Notepad Cover

Note Pad Cover 001

“Praise the bridge that carried you over.”

~George Colman

This morning I was trying to help Jonathan make a list of all the people he has to thank for helping him achieve “Best of Show” at the Bangor Garden Show.  I told him I would make him some cards/gifts with the “sweet, sweet moments” stamp from the Happy Day collection, since his company is named “Summersweet Landscaping.”  This is one of the gifts we are making…a notepad cover!  My upline, Stace Coombs, made me one last summer for convention (pictured here laying down…I use it to collect quotes for our blog…thank you Stace!).  I changed it up only by using a copper button instead of a clear button, and soft suede ribbon instead of vanilla.  One of the people we have to thank is Bob Bangs, over at Windswept Gardens in Bangor.  He let Jonathan use one of his greenhouses, and taught him how to force plants to bloom early.  Thank you Bob!  Another is Claude Berthiaume out at Viking Lumber in Holden.  He donated some old lumber to Jonathan for building the 20′ x 20′ box to build the display in and on. Thank you Claude!  Justin DiFredrico at Granville Stone, who loaned Jonathan all the stone to build two intersecting patios and a seat wall around a fire pit.  And after Jonathan won the show, gave Jonathan all the stone! (Jonathan is going to recreate the whole display in his backyard).  Thank you Justin!  Moe McGlinn, who made four beautiful bouquets to help decorate the place settings on the patio table which were part of the “attention to detail” that the judges raved about.  Thank you Moe!   Ripple Pottery in New Hampshire, who donated a set of three pottery mushrooms to Jonathan’s display after he won.  These were complete strangers…what an act of kindness!  Thank you Ripple Pottery!  Mary Jane Cote and Josh, for putting together the chairs for the patio set.  Maria Kingsbury and Kyle and Mark, for help in building and planting the display.  Joe Cote, for helping us break down the display (six hours of back breaking labor).  Thank you one and all for the team effort.  It was a blast!   With Peace and Gratitude, Dawn  P.S.  The note pad cover is made with one sheet of paper, scored at 5 1/4″ and 5 3/4″.


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