Easter Blessings

Beth's Card and Easter 012

“Prayer, fasting and all other Christian undertakings are good in themselves; however, the performing of these things is not the end of our life because they are only the means.  The true goal of the Christian life is to acquire the Holy Spirit.”

~Saint Seraphim of Sarov

Easter Sunday was so full of wonder and awe, especially when I broke my Lenten fast by sampling some dairy, wheat and sugar!  I couldn’t make myself eat the bacon or ham, though.  I guess time will tell if the fast turned me into a vegetarian.   The water “regime” (drinking half of our body weight in ounces a day) is going great.  I think this is the 37th day of drinking a half gallon a day.  I feel like a totally different person, healthwise, since starting the water, the plant based diet and using coconut oil on my skin.  Small changes that have brought huge results.  I highly recommend them if you have any health problems. And, an added bonus…I lost five pounds.  I think all the water makes me feel full.

There was another surprise here (besides the instant garden I spoke of yesterday) on Easter morning. Before we left for church, Tim gave me a beautiful Easter corsage. Well, actually it was a boutonniere. Tim said he went to the florist on Friday to order a corsage, but he couldn’t remember the word. So he pointed to his lapel and said to the lady “I need one of those flowers that you wear.” She said “you mean a boutonniere?” and he said “yes, that’s it!” It wasn’t until he left the florist and was driving home that he remembered it was called a corsage. When he went to pick it up the next morning they were too busy to change it, so I got a beautiful white carnation with a white bow…I loved it! It was such a fun (and funny) surprise!

I’m posting Beth’s card again today because when Word Press posted the blog to Face Book yesterday, it went with the boys picture instead of Beth’s card.   Thank you to those of you who ordered Stampin’ Up! retiring products yesterday.  It’s fun to see what everyone is interested in.  Some favorites that are leaving us are the Delightful Dozen sentiment set, Gently Falling (Leaves) stamp set, the Tulips Embossing Folder and The Scallop Border Punch.  There is free shipping this week in case you’d like anything.

It’s April vacation this week and today Joseph and I are off for an adventure at the library.  Have a great day!  Dawn


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