A Trip Downeast

Beth's Stamping Event 007

“Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind.”


Yesterday three of our Stamping Peace Leaders, along with another Stamping Peace stamper, went on an adventure to Pembroke School in downeast Maine for a super fun stamping event led by Beth Mills.

Beth's Stamping Event 005

Here’s Beth, teaching us the masking technique for one of the Wetlands card (above) that we made.  You’re an awesome demonstrator Beth, we love your classes!

Beth's Stamping Event 014

Beth always goes the extra mile to give a helping hand, this time to Linda, one of her downline demonstrators.

Beth's Stamping Event 009

And this time to our Terry (minus her beautiful long braid that recently went to Locks for Love)  and Mimi (a.k.a. “Vanna”) and some Downeast stampers.

Beth's Stamping Event 006

This was the rowdy corner, led by another of Beth’s downline, Linda, on the left.  Donna, on the right, just doesn’t know what to think of those who would travel two hours for some downeast hospitality!  : )

Beth's Stamping Event 012

This is the teachers lounge, where Beth puts on a delicious spread of refreshments for us every month.  Here’s Lorraine, enjoying one of the Keurig coffee choices!  Beth made a chocolate cake, fresh strawberries, cheese and crackers and onion dip (my favorite) and chips.  Thank you for a fun afternoon Beth!  : )

Beth's Stamping Event 019

On the way home, Mimi took us on a scenic route through the Black Woods.  It’s a beautiful land preserve with hiking trails….

Beth's Stamping Event 020

and lots of little ponds for fishing and day use.  Thanks for showing a new section of Maine Mimi!  : )  (Caution:  I’ve been told not to drive the Black Woods at night because there are no lights and it’s very dark, not to drive it in the fog because it’s very curvy in places, and also not to drive it in the winter because a lot of the roadway is in the shade and it’s gets icy.  I hear it’s a gorgeous ride in the fall.  There wasn’t any foliage at all for us yesterday, but it’s a beautiful, peaceful drive.) From start to finish, it was a great day.  Thank you to everyone who added to the fun…including Caroline, who had to leave early.  Happy Birthday to your son, Caroline!   See you all next month over there in Downeast Maine!!!  : )    Cheers, Dawn












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