A Beautiful Wedding : )

Wedding Gift Tag and Gift Bag 003

“There is no substitute for the comfort supplied by the utterly taken-for granted relationship.”

~Iris Murdoch

Good Morning!  We went to an absolutely beautiful wedding this week-end…what did you do?  I’ve shown this gift box that I made straight from a picture in the annual catalog, but here’s a little gift card that I made to go with the wedding gifts.  And below is a matching gift bag.  The two lovebirds are from the “This Day Forward” stamp set, and the stripes are from the “Perfect Pennants” stamp set.  Have a stampin’ good day!  Pax, Dawn

Wedding Gift Tag and Gift Bag 006


2 thoughts on “A Beautiful Wedding : )

  1. Dawn what a great weekend for a wedding. The nice weather just adds to the fun. This gift set is beautiful. I have to learn to think ahead. I’m always rushing to make a special card. 🙂
    I’m doing good with my water. A little over 60 oz a day, for one week, still not quite half my weight, but better than 0 oz. I’ll let you know later today if this had a positive effect on my weigh in. 🙂

  2. Ha ha! We had rain up here in Maine, but it was a good week-end to be indoors. : ) I’m like you, most of the time rushing to make something…I made the gift tag the morning of the wedding! That’s awesome with the water. : )

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