Envelope Decor

Envelope Decor 001

“Have nothing in your home that you don’t know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”

~William Morris

Envelopes are useful, but they can be beautiful too! Who wants to give a naked envelope?  Well, our stamps sure can liven things up!  This envelope décor was stamped with the Summer Silhouettes stamp set and the “So Sorry” stamp set.  It’s for a gift certificate to the dog groomer for one of our Stamping Peace Team Members (one of my best friends) who came over to visit two nights ago.  While she was here, her dog jumped into our little garden pond (that hasn’t been cleaned out from the fall and winter yet) and came out NOT smelling like flowers.  Right after that, my next door neighbors granddog came over, sniffed her pant leg, lifted his leg, and did his business on her.  (She had just come from Dog Obedience Class so she must have had a dog smell!)  It was horrifying (but kind of funny at the same time!)  I want my friend to come back again, so hopefully this pretty envelope and it’s contents will make everything better.  (Thanks for being such a good sport Mimi!)  : )  Have a nice Memorial Day week-end everyone.  Peace, Dawn  P.S.  Kathy, if you go to the “Home” tab and then scroll back to “Holding Memories Close”, I’ve answered your questions.  Go for it!  : )


7 thoughts on “Envelope Decor

  1. I love to do my envelopes. The person who introduced me to SU always said, “Don’t forget the envelopes.” So it has been with me since my beginning. Love, Love, Love your quote too.
    Wow that is a funny story. Just wanted to wish you a Happy Memorial Day weekend too. Hope the weather isn’t too bad for the parades.

  2. Thanks for the gift certificate, Dawn; and I loved the envelope. I laughed all the way home the other night. It had been one of those horrible days where you think nothing else could possibly happen to make it worse…and then…. But at least I got my laundry done and was showered and ready for bed by 9:00 pm!

  3. I cover my envelopes with hilarious sayings! My friends/family LOVE getting silly stamped up envelopes with their handmade cards! My favorite one says “Let me know if you don’t receive this.” Buh huh huh! =)

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