Try, Try again! : )

Joyful Wishes 001

“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again.”

~William E. Hickson

Good Morning and thank you for all of your lovely comments yesterday on how to “fix” the card that I had made for the Merry Monday Challenge.  Do you ever have a card that just “isn’t right?”  I had an image in my head of a clean and simple card, but I guess I’m just not a simple girl!  (Just ask my husband…he’ll tell you I’m complicated!)  So, I added more leaves, another layer on the poinsettia, and a red base.  MUCH better!  : )  (I just wish I could delete my original entry and put this one in, but the site doesn’t allow you to do that, at least not that I have figured out.)  At least I’m at peace with the card now!  : )

So, it’s cloudy here in Maine today, I’ve got beans baking in the oven, hubby and Joseph are burning brush next door, Jonathan and Joshua are out mowing, and now I can spend a couple of hours stamping…life is good!  We have friends that have come up from Massachusetts for the long week-end, so we’re looking forward to a visitation to their camp this evening.  I hope you have a wonderful long week-end.  On this Memorial Day week-end, may God bless all the fallen veterans and all who have passed on.

Talk with you on Tuesday, and until then, if you have a project that just “isn’t right”…try, try, try again!  Peace, Dawn  : )


15 thoughts on “Try, Try again! : )

  1. Hi again Dawn,
    I love the new card. The other one was a little unbalanced, but you’ve fixed it, and it’s perfect. A lesson for me…keep trying.

  2. I thought your first card was fine, but I understand about trying to fix something when it just doesn’t feel right! Anyway, the addition of the extra leaves really does make it stand out more….very pretty card! Thank you for participating in the Merry Monday challenge “again”!!!

  3. Your card is beautiful Dawn! You can enter the 2nd version on our Linky and I can try to delete the first one for you. Let me know! So glad you joined us at Merry Monday this week!

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