Work of Art

Father's Day Card 009

“The woman who works with her hands only is a laborer.

The woman who works with her hands & her head is a craftswoman.

The woman who works with her hands, her head & her heart is an artist.”

~St. Francis of Assisi

Thank you to Marlene, my friend and fellow stamper who gifted me a beautiful book of quotes this past week-end, from which this lovely quote came from!  I have had a long fascination with quotes, I have been collecting them forever.  For bridesmaid gifts at my wedding 30 years ago, I gave each of the bridesmaids a book of quotes!

This morning I would like to welcome Ken and Pat, and Pat from California to our blog, and I would like to welcome Sue to our Stamping Peace Leadership Team.  Sue signed up yesterday to be a hobby demonstrator.  We’re so happy to have you on the team Sue, and so happy to have friends Ken and Pat and Pat visiting here on the blog.  You ALL are truly fabulous works of art!   : )

This is another card that we made at our Team Meeting on Saturday.  I was trying to showcase the new ink colors, but couldn’t get Mossy Meadow in there!  The flowers behind the card were little bouquets from our gardens that each team member received.  Now I wish I had used Melon Mambo instead of Tangelo Twist ink to match the flowers!  : )  The top of the card was a Debbie Henderson design of the new “Work of Art” (which I received free at the catalog premiere!) stamp set,  I just added the zigzags on the bottom.  Don’t I love the richness of that Blackberry Bliss cardstock…isn’t it a gorgeous color!

This is the first bouquet of the season that I cut from our gardens to spruce up the bathroom for the Team Meeting last week-end.  Pretty, pretty!   : )    Have a wonderful day, Dawn

Father's Day Card 012


15 thoughts on “Work of Art

  1. Dawn, Good Morning! Welcome to your new friends. Love the card. I can’t wait to get this set. Hmmm maybe Monday it will arrive. The flowers are beautiful as is the vase. Cobalt Blue my fav! This quote is great. I am an avid crocheter (and belong to too many groups) and I have seen this quote before but now I have it written down too. Thanks a bunch! 🙂

  2. Hi Nancy! I snuck some herbs in that arrangement too, for a little greenery. One of my son’s (the chef) has a big herb garden in our backyard. : ) I’m a knitter but never could get the hang of crocheting. I tried it for some edging on some baby booties that I knit, but it didn’t go well. My hands were willing, but my head and heart weren’t cooperating! : )

  3. What a wonderful quote, Dawn. If it’s OK, I’m going to put that on my blog with a link to yours. And this card is a lovely work of art! I do like that Blackberry Bliss cardstock! The flowers are beautiful. What a wonderful gift!

  4. Thank you Dawn. I am excited to be part of the Stamping Peace Team. Love the card and love the flowers!!

  5. Love your fresh colorful card. It’s so nice to have real flowers in the house. Makes it so homey and yours are so pretty.

  6. This card just amazed me when we were making it. Who would of thought that the different shapes stamped in different colors would be so pretty. I am going to order this stamp set. Plus I have to pick up some bling! That really adds to the look. Thanks again Dawn!

  7. Beautiful !! Your flowers are that far along?!- up on hoxie mountain ours aren’t!! But here in the Berkshires they are -they are wonderful !! See you next week! Not for class but sometime after Wed!! Have a great day Dawn!!

    • Hey traveler! Yes, the dark purple ones are actually a weed that Jonathan planted for a ground cover, then there are lilacs, and the pink ones grow every year underneath the hydrangea. The greenery is from the herb garden that was planted for the flower show back in April. : )

  8. Nice quote Dawn, you are an ar-teest! I like the card very much too. So much color. The colors in the flowers are bright too – just like the spring colors in the trees, etc. right now. Just beautiful…God makes the best stuff! I was noticing the trees around St. Mary’s this morning – the contrast of color in the purplish maples and light green leaves – makes me feel joyful. Have a wonderful feast if Pentecost weekend and see you Monday night if all goes well…still waiting for the arrival of my new grandson. Keep him in your prayers?

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