July Team Challenge

More Pat Pictures 030

“Friendship is a sheltering tree.”

~Samuel Taylor Coleridge

I went to visit my friend at a high-end resort on the coast of Maine, and we ended up climbing a tree that looked inviting along the disc golf course!

More Pat Pictures 045

We watched her husband and children and my son Joseph swim.  I forgot my bathing suit (it was pouring rain when we left home and I guess I wasn’t thinking about swimming!)

More Pat Pictures 021

and the Maine Tourguide (me) is showing off the beauty of the state …a lighthouse at the end of the 3/4 mile breakwater we had walked out on…AND a pink lobster bouy that was floating in the water next to me (even the lobstermen know my color coordinating fettish!)  : )

More Pat Pictures 017

We did some stamping in the time-share and I discovered that we can make pictures with our Work of Art stamp set!  (I saw it on Stampin’ Connection)…

Work of Art Palm Tree 007 Work of Art Palm Tree 003

I made this card for our Stamping Peace July Team Challenge.  The challenge is to make a card with a “seaside” theme.  The cards are due on Aug. 1st.  Until then, I hope the team (and you) are getting some seaside time for inspiration!  : )

With Peace and Friendship,


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