Thinking of you

Thinking of You Card 002

“May brooks and trees and singing hills join in the chorus too,

and every gentle wind that blows send happiness to you.”

~Irish Blessing

This morning we welcome “starsfan” and “hotshot” to our stamping blog.  Welcome to Stamping Peace and welcome to Maine if you are “from away”.   We hope you will find a little bit of inspiration in our little corner of the blogging world.  : )

This morning Joseph and I are off to our annual week at Boy Scout Camp.  I will be thinking of you and will try to get some good photos of the gorgeous spot we’ll be at to share with you when we get back home.  In the meantime, this “thinking of you” card was made with gumball green and pink pirouette on a Stampin’ Up! notecard.  (Sorry for the glare that is fading out most of the flowers.)  Have a great week everyone!  Peace and Warm Thoughts, Dawn.


5 thoughts on “Thinking of you

  1. Well you and Joseph have a great time! This is a great quote. Your card is great and I love the layout, etc. Going to keep it in my “To Do” file for future use. I’ll keep you posted. Thinking of you too! 🙂

    • Sue, hopefully there will be no pictures of me coming out of the Swamp Romp with leeches all over my legs, now that Eric has moved! 🙂 Forgot to mention that the card is made on a SU notecard. Have a great week!

  2. Have a great week at camp and enjoy the birds, etc. Especially the loons calling to each other. I will think of you and remember the days when our older sons were scouts together… : ) hope you have peaceful days and nights.

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