Missed You!

Boy Scout Camp 2014 029

“These are the days of miracle and wonder.”

-Paul Simon

Hello!  I missed you and thought of you the week I’ve been away at Boy Scout Camp…Camp Roosevelt here in Maine.  It’s a gorgeous spot…the picture above is our outdoor chapel.  It’s a peaceful life there, walking from our campsite on the mountain down to the waterfront or to the trading post or dining hall, to handicraft or the science building, field sports or the archery range, to the quartermasters shack to get supplies to clean the “kybo” (outhouse) or to the chapel for vespers, or to the many, many activities offered.  Definitely days of miracle and wonder.  This week Joseph goes to Camp Capella for day camp (a camp for children with disabilities), so I’m going to have some time to stamp.  Hope you get some stamping time and hope you are having a great summer!

Peace, Dawn

5 thoughts on “Missed You!

  1. Yes, Good Morning Dawn! I did think of you all week too. It was like oh nothing from Dawn . . . Ahhh, she is away. It seemed like a long week to me, it probably went a little faster to you, being away and out of your routine. The photo is so, so peaceful. Have a great day.

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