Convention Project

Feathers Card, Boy Scouts & Camp 001

“The imagination needs moodling ~ long, inefficient, happy idling, dawdling and puttering.”

~Brenda Ueland

Last night I was tucked into bed with a nice cup of tea and the new Stampin’ Success magazine, all ready to soak up some new ideas and have some idle time to dream about Christmas projects.  Since I live in Maine, a “Hello from Maine, Professor Penny!” subtitle caught my eye at the end of the magazine.   I was wondering if I would know the demonstrator, so imagine my surprise when I kept reading and saw that the little blurb was from Dawn MacKay.  Ha ha!  I vaguely remember writing that response to a question that Professor Penny had put out to demonstrators.   I’m still chuckling about it this morning!  : )

This card was made by my friend and very first downline, “Miss Pat.”  When she and I went to Stampin’ Up’s 25th Anniversary Convention, this little ghost was a project we were shown on the big screen.  (I think at convention the project was debuting some new Designer Series Paper…I can’t remember!)  Over a year of “happy idling, dawdling and puttering” on Pat’s part lent the inspiration for her to add a few embellishments and create this card for me.   Soooo cute, Pat!

A stamping friend asked me about the difference between Stampin’ Up’s Black Ink Pad and the Staz-On Black Ink Pad.  The Staz-On is on the left.

Sunflower Picture 001

This is totally off-topic, but I spent an hour last night watching the first of an 11 day documentary about cancer.  I’ve spent the last 6 1/2  years reading books, articles, blogs, etc. on the subject of cancer (after my mother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer) and the video that I watched last night summarized a lot of information that I have come across.  It is excellent.  I have a free blog so I cannot post the video here, but I will post it on our Stamping Peace Facebook page in case you would like to watch it or share it with someone.   Have a great day my friends!  Pax, Dawn


4 thoughts on “Convention Project

  1. Hi Dawn,

    Next Monday night, the 20th is divine mercy night at St. Teresa’s. The same time as our class…is there a morning class I could come to instead?

    Peace, Val

  2. I am so sorry to hear about your mom’s battle with cancer.
    Should you ever need to speak with a cancer survivor who, at 21, was given a death sentence (3 months to live), after giving birth to my son just three months earlier, you can email me at
    My cancer was, at that time, a rare cancer and my oncologist had only had 1 other patient in his career who had it, and she died. It was through his determination, my mother’s love and my own tenacity that I survived it.
    That was 31 years ago.
    Pancreatic cancer does not need to be a death sentence. Advancements in that field of research is constant and ongoing. I am a patient advocate and a fellow advocate has been diagnosed with PC.
    She was told 5 years is the most she could hope for and she in now in year 7.
    Getting a good oncologist, following his treatment plan and a good support system will help her fight the battle.
    If she needs an advocate to go to treatments or appointments with her, please contact the ACS and they will help you find one in your area. I would volunteer but I live in South Carolina.
    Also, help her keep this in mind, you do not need hair to be beautiful! If I were to lose my hair again as I did 31 years ago, I would not hide my head! I would put Bindhi gems all over it or paint funny pictures on it, but I wouldn’t make sure a scarf or a wig was hiding my bald head whenever someone came to visit. If your mom does want a wig and needs help in getting one, the ACS can help here there too. I have a list of sites that have beautiful scarves with little bangs or hairpieces attached to them and most people who have a full head of hair may not realize this, but a bald head gets very cold at night. I have crocheted many sleep bonnets and donated them to our local cancer center. I would be happy to make your mom one as well. Just measure her from around her head at the forehead area.
    You should sign up for a FREE magazine subscription to CURE TODAY. It comes 4 times a year and is free to all patients, advocates and care givers. You can subscribe at
    I wish you and your mother well. Please let me know if I can help in anyway.
    Rose Paul

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