Kinda Eclectic

Sympathy Cards 002

“His laughter…sparkled like a splash of water in sunlight.”

~Joseph Lelyveld

That describes our nephew who passed last week from colon cancer.  Cancer…such a wake-up call that robs laughter.  I’ve been reading and reading about cancer and I’ve learned to question whatever is going from my hand to my mouth…is this going to give nutrition to my body?  Even harder, on the spiritual side, is to question what is coming OUT of my mouth!  So I’ll be quiet and tell you about this striking card, inspired by Lynn Kolcun.  I learned the technique from a Dawn Olchefske YouTube video.  I forgot to take the measurements before the card left for the funeral with my hubby yesterday, but I stamped the sentiment and then cut the cardstock around it.  The next two vanilla layers go up one inch in the measurements.  The mats go up 1/4″.  You can read the instructions on how to make the card on yesterday’s blog post.  Just click “home” and you can scroll down to yesterday’s post (and a similar, but slightly easier card).   The “Triple Time” stamping technique is a lot of fun!

Hope you are enjoying all of your Thanksgiving preparations,



4 thoughts on “Kinda Eclectic

  1. Hi Dawn, Hope you are all hangin’ in. I’ve been praying for you for the past few days.
    Nice card. This is one of my favorite techniques, but I usually forget to do it. Happy Thanksgiving, if I don’t get back to you.

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