Giving Thanks!

Santa Card 001

“Evermore THANKS.”


Good morning and Happy white Thanksgiving!!!  I’ve read that we shouldn’t talk about ourselves in our stamping blogs, but I’m going to depart from that advice as we each ponder what we are thankful for today.   I just measured twelve inches of pretty new snow out our back door and it’s still coming down.  My two older boys left at 3:00 a.m. to plow and I’m so grateful that we live in a small town where it’s safe to send them off in the middle of the night!  They will be gone all day, as well as the two loyal crew members that snowblow for Jonathan’s business, Stan and Chris.  They will miss their Thanksgivings so that others can enjoy theirs.  EXTREMELY grateful to them and to all who are out working today.  Also very, very grateful to the Pearsons, the Wilders and the Widins, who invited Joseph and I to share their Thanksgivings with them.  It warms my heart to have such thoughtful friends.  Hubby is making his way home from our nephew’s funeral in Holland and we’ll have our Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow.  Our nephew worked for the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons over at The Hague and yesterday his colleagues had a beautiful commemoration service for him.  You can watch it on my Face Book page if you’d like to share in giving tribute to an amazing young man who traveled the globe working tirelessly for the safety of us all.  He was just 39 years old and passed from colon cancer.

This is the card that I sent to the Stamping Peace Leaders.  I’m so grateful for them and to all my stamping friends who allow me to enjoy such a fun hobby in my retirement.  It is said that for our health and fulfillment we should have three social groups that we are part of.  You, my blogging friends, are part of one of my social groups and I thank you for all the support that you give me as I go about learning the art of stamping.  Thank you so much for sharing a couple minutes of your days with me.  I am truly grateful for you.

May God Bless you on this Thanksgiving Day,

your friend, Dawn


2 thoughts on “Giving Thanks!

  1. Dear Dawn,
    What a beautiful blog this morning. I am so grateful that we didn’t get that snow, yet. It truly makes me more home-bound than others. Today I was able to drive my daughter to work for 6:30 a.m. God bless those who work today. I already have a butternut squash casserole in the oven which I will be bringing to my sister’s and will be getting stuffed mushrooms ready to go also. thanks for sharing my coffee with me.
    Safe travel home for your husband, prayers for the family and enjoy your friends today.
    Happy Thanksgiving.
    xoxo 🙂

    • Good morning from winter wonderland Nancy! I don’t know if we’ll get out in all this snow, but I have a fun little surprise for Joseph…a new movie called “The Thanksgiving Treasure” that has the same cast (which includes Jason Robards) as “The House without a Christmas Tree”, one of our annual Christmas movies. I found it on Amazon on Tuesday and paid to have it shipped overnight! Joseph loves to watch movies so it should be fun. Have a wonderful day and thanks for all your support and friendship! xo Dawn

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