Valentine Cuteness


“The happiest business in all the world is that of making friends.”

~Anne S. Eaton

As much as I love stamping, I love the friends that have come with the hobby even more!  A Valentine shout out to Lorraine, who started the whole stamping thing, and to Stacy, Marlene, Lucy, Diane, MaryJane, Nancy in New York and all our blog readers, Mimi, Terry, Beth, Sue, Val, Johanna, Mark, Katherine, Whitney, Marti, Joy, Wendy, Pat, Hope, Jayden, Ella, Charley, Sarah, Grace, Maggie, Annabelle, Julie, Tricia, Kendra, Molly, Caroline, Audrey and Patti, who made this cute, cute, cute Valentine card and brought it to me at our Monday morning class this week.  I think I need to frame it…thank you Patti!  Thank you friends, for sharing your creativity and friendship and I hope you have a Valentine’s Day filled with love and laughter  (and coziness during the blizzard tomorrow night!)  : )


2 thoughts on “Valentine Cuteness

  1. Oh, that card IS so cute. Love it’s softness. Dawn, you too, have a great Valentine weekend. Yes, everyone keep warm and cozy!
    🙂 ❤

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