Happy St. Patricks Day!


“C’ead Mile Failte!”

(A Hundred Thousand Welcomes!)

Yesterday we learned how to make a shamrock with a heart punch, thanks to Nancy in New York, and today here are some shamrocks made with the Pansy Punch (green) and the flower punch from the Itty Bitty Accents Punch Pack (gold).  We could also use the little heart punch from the Itty Bitty Accents Punch Pack to make little shamrocks too!   Happy St. Patrick’s Day as we remember the story of Patrick… At age 16 he was taken from his home in Britain and was sold as a slave in Ireland.  After six years working as a shepherd, he heard God tell him in a dream that a ship was ready for him.  So, he stole away and found the ship, ready and waiting.  He made his way home, became a priest and then a bishop, and then dreamed that he was wanted back in Ireland.  So back he went, converted the druids and established churches all over Ireland.  He taught Three Persons in One God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) by using a shamrock as a visual aide.  Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!


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