One Last Easter Card

image “This is the value of the Resurrection – that things unvalued now reveal their worth.”                         

-Lucy Larcom

This card was sent by my friend Pat in California.  She likes to recycle old cards into new ones. (Reminds me of the Paper Pals Blog hop this week!) Thank you Pat…it makes us think Spring even though we woke up in the north pole again this morning, and it’s still snowing!  It’s a “sugar snow”… the sap has been running since last Wednesday…we collected 23 gallons from the trees in our backyard yesterday!  Have a great weekend everyone…hope to see you at the Bangor Garden Show Saturday or Sunday!


2 thoughts on “One Last Easter Card

  1. Hi Dawn & Pat, what a spring-y card. Very bright and cheery. Reminds me of kids being all excited at Easter. Sorry about all the snow. I don’t know how you stand it all. Was/Is this the worse winter in terms of snowing? Anyway, keep warm and thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. Hi Nancy…as of a couple of weeks ago we had double the amount of snow that we normally get. We’ll be talking about this winter for a long time to come! I had an accidental post this morning. My computer was finally repaired yesterday and I went in to reduce the size of all the photos from my phone (this is a free blog with only a certain amount of space on it) and Patti’s card somehow got reposted. Technology gets the best of me sometimes! I’ll stay warm with another layer… I had to turn our heat way down because some of Jonathan’s plants are blooming too early for this week-ends Garden Show! Life is good! Have a great day Nancy! I’m off to boil sap…. 🙂

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