Paper Pumpkin Leftovers

Hermitage 012

“Advent is a winter training camp for those who desire peace.”

~Edward Hays

 This is the Advent wreath at the Hermitage where I am an oblate.  We had the blessing of the wreath on Sunday and it was very peaceful and very beautiful.  I had decided that I would like to add some of these red berries to our Advent wreath at home, so all the way home (it’s an hour and fifteen minute ride), I was on the lookout for the bush it grows on, in a spot that wasn’t too marshy that I could get to in a dress.  Just at dusk I saw a bush in just the right spot and succeeded in getting through some dry marsh and cutting a branch.  I felt so triumphant when I arrived home and showed it to my husband.  “We have one of these bushes behind the shed,” he said.  I have a lot to learn about watching and waiting!

Yesterday Joseph and I made up the ten Christmas cards in the new Paper Pumpkin kit, so he could use them for thank you notes. (He turned twenty on Monday).  There was one mistletoe left over so I was able to make a copy of the card using the Writing Notes Background stamp.  For the zig-zag edge I used the Mini Gift Bag Framelit.  I think it came out pretty close to the original! : )

Hermitage 053


2 thoughts on “Paper Pumpkin Leftovers

  1. Hi Dawn, that story was so funny and so true. I had to relate it to my husband. We LOLd as watching and waiting are so hard.
    Have a great Hump Day.

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