Happy Hanukkah

Happy Hanukkah 004

“The darkness of the whole world cannot swallow the glowing of a candle.”

~Robert Altinger

These are the cards I made for our Jewish friends.  Both families have one Christian spouse (“merry”) and one Jewish spouse (&bright).  The blue color theme is for Hanukkah and it’s my version of a Leena Gersa card.  I just love my new Holly Jolly Greetings stamp set.  It’s so versatile!

The fry boxes each hold a homemade candle that I made over the weekend. (I get my bees wax through Brushy Mountain Bee Farm if you are so inclined to make candles.  It’s fun and it’s easy. I make votives, tea lights and 4 oz. tin cans with clear covers).  I’m just waiting on my back-ordered wooden Snowflake Elements to decorate the front of the fry boxes.  (I called Stampin’ Up! yesterday and the embellishments have arrived in the warehouse, they are now being sorted for delivery.)   May the lights of Hanukkah and Christmas burn bright! (The photo below is our oldest son’s house, four doors down from us…he decorated all by himself…his little gift to the neighborhood!)   : )

Christmas Projects 032


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