How To Make A Gift Bag

Family Christmas Party 026

“The giving of gifts is not something man invented.  God started the giving spree
when he gave a gift beyond words, the unspeakable gift of His Son.”
-Robert Flatt-

Homemade gift bags are beautiful and so easy to make.  Start with a 12″ square of paper or newspaper.  Fold in 3″ on the left and right sides.  Fold bottom in 3″.  Unfold the sides, lay the paper flat and fold the top down 2″.  Unfold the bottom and cut a slit 3″ up from the bottom.  Glue the bottom 3″ of the side flaps to the bottom 3″ flap.   That is one half of the bag.  Repeat the whole process with another 12″ square of paper.  Fit the two pieces together (one nests inside the other) and glue the sides and bottom.  For the handles, cut two pieces of ribbon 18″ long.  Punch two holes 1″ from the top of the bag and 1 1/2″ from the sides.  Thread the ribbon through and tie knots on the inside of the bag.  Ta da!

Family Christmas Party 024


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