Homemade Christmas Star

Christmas 2015 Cotes GDP16 037

“The biggest, happiest birthday party in the whole world!”

~Internet graphic

Hi Stamping Friends, I hope you are having a memorable Christmas season.  It’s the little things, isn’t it?  Like this card that came for Joseph from our very own “New York Nancy.”  Nancy has been following our Stamping Peace blog almost from the beginning and although we have never met in person, I know that when we do, it will be like we’ve always known each other.  Stampers are like that!  We love the card Nancy, thank you so much!

Another little thing this Christmas is this Christmas Star that I made for  Jonathan’s tree.  I saw it in the holiday catalog and knew it would be the perfect gift for our landscaper son!  We have a very large red-twigged dogwood in the front of the house and I used some of it’s branches for the star.  Now Jonathan will always have a piece of that dogwood, even after it is gone!  : ) That’s his tree on the left (from Piper Mountain) and our tree on the right (you may have seen it on an earlier post when we went out in the woods to cut it)!  Hope you’re having a great snow day today with the storm swirling outside.  : )

Christmas 2015 Cotes GDP16 021 Christmas Projects 027  Family Christmas Party 045


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